Friday, January 17, 2014

Can I get back into this?

Hello all!

Just a quick pop in to see how things have been going in blog-land. I've never really been very good at these things but I like to do them and that's something right?

My original aim in the creation of the CraftHow blog was to give me an outlet to share cool things I've learned about with you and even though I haven't added any real new content in over a year, I'm still getting the occasional visitor. I'm not being flooded but it's awesome to know that some of my work has been cool enough to pique your interest and get you to click through into my humble little site.

I've been through a lot in the last few months. And I'm still working through a lot of things including a move to the opposite coast from where I grew up. Once I get settled in here, I hope to jump back into the DIY frame of mind and bring you all up to speed with things I've been learning.

Hold me accountable! If you like what I do, ask for more of it! I love seeing new subscribers on my YouTube channel and seeing new hits on my blog page. I even have a twitter account. Yeah, me, on twitter. How weird is that! On a side note, can someone teach me how this Twitter thing works?

Keep crafting and share your ideas. Hope to re-join you all soon!