Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Topsy Tail Styling Tool Tutorial

I've been growing my hair out for almost a year and it's starting to get long enough to actually try to style now.

One of the first things I wanted was a styling tool called a Topsy Tail or a Style Weaver. This is a simple tool that can help make a variety of hair styles. I looked at a few of the local stores that would carry something like that and I couldn't find one.

YouTube had a few videos showing how people used a metal hangar and tape to create theirs and I did try that. It worked alright but it was stiff and hard to use. My second attempt was made with some heavy gauge trimmer line and masking tape and it worked a little better than the original but I still had to deal with the sticky tape and my hair is too thin and fine for me to risk much of it breaking off.

My third attempt was with a much thinner gauge trimmer line and a piece of heat shrink tubing for a handle. This created a smooth handle and a flexible tool that worked perfectly for my hair. This method is a bit more expensive than the coat hanger method but I am MUCH more satisfied with the result and I still only used materials that I already had on hand.

I made a video showing the process in more detail (below) but it is pretty simple:


  1. Scissors.
  2. Heat source (I used a candle but you can use a heat gun or something similar).
  3. Trimmer Line.
  4. Heat Shrink Tubing. 
  1. Cut a piece of trimmer line approximately 12" long.
  2. Select a piece of heat shrink tubing large enough to fit both ends of the piece of trimmer line snugly. 
  3. Insert the two ends of the trimmer line into the heat shrink tubing making sure to stagger the ends slightly so that you have a finer point on the end of the tool for styling. 
  4. Gently heat the heat shrink tubing by passing it over the flame so that it shrinks down and holds both ends of the trimmer line. 
  5. Enjoy your finished piece!